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VB Power FPV Drone Racing Battery 14.8V 1850mah 70C lipo battery with XT60 or XT60U

Product Type:Lithium polyer battery pack Brand :VB, Vbpower Capacity: 1850mAh
LiFe Big Power Bank 24V 40Ah LiFePO4 high power Battery DC Power Source

Life power bank is supplied by high-power Li-FePO4 battery pack Charge with AC power, DC power, solar panels or wind power.
VB-NiMH SC 12x3000mAh 14.4V
High quality 14.4V NiMH rechargeable battery pack. Made of 12x3000mAh cylindrical SC cells. No memory effect and rechargeable.
Replacement Battery for iRobot 500 series 14.4V APS Battery
APS battery compatible with all 500 series Roomba® FloorVac® models
NiMH 9.6V Mini 1600mah airsoft battery pack nunchuck mini tamiya for airsoft gun
9.6V 1600mah
NiMH 9.6V Mini 1600mah airsoft battery butterfly / nunchuck pack mini tamiya for airsoft gun
VB-LiPO 5000mAh 20C-7.4V
7.4v VB power 5000mAh 20C LiPoly Lipo Hard Case Battery Pack for RC Cars Double the capacity of NiMH pack for the same weight Exceeds safety standards of the IATA Can be recharged unlimited times every day Plug and Play
D Size 12000 mAh NiMH Flat Top
Technical Specifications Dimension: Height 60 mm, Diameter 33 mm Weight: 0.36 lbs Capacity: 12,000 mAh Voltage: 1.2V Standard Charge: 15 hours @ 800 mA Rapid Charge: 3 hours @ 4000 mA
VB-NiMH C6000mAh 1.2V
Standard Charge: 16 hours Rapid Charge: 2 hours Specification C size 6000mAh
VB-NiMH C Size 20x5000mAh 24V
C Size
High quality 24V NiMH rechargeable battery pack. Made of 20x5000mAh cylindrical C Size cells. No memory effect and rechargeable.
11.1V 1300mAh 20C Li-Poly Lipo Battery Pack For Airsoft Gun
11.1V 1300mah 20C
7.4V 1300mAh 20C Li-Poly Lipo Battery Pack For Airsoft Gun Mars Power 11.1V 1300mAh 20C LiPo Battery Small Adapters
VB NiMH G size 25000mAh 1.2V
G size
VB Power Ultra high capacity NIMH 25,000mAh (25 Ah) NiMH G size battery
VB 7.4V 600mAh LiPo 20C/40C AEP Battery
Size: 7.95cm x 1.86cm x 1.13cm Application: CYMA CM.127 ERGO-FA Electric AEP Pistol CYMA CM.125 USP AEP Electric Pistol CYMA CM.126 M9 Electric AEP Pistol

Welcome to Victory Battery

VB power Founded in 2008, The founder of the company Mr. Zhang Wei, is a veteran of China's battery industry, he was born and raised in Nankai University. It was in 1988, China has its own proprietary of nickel metal hydride battery, Mr. Zhang Wei worked together with Vice President of Nankai University Mr. Zhang Yunshi who own the right to the patent, It has been 22 years. He always on the board of Many Chinese battery manufacturers. Because he can not agree on partner ignore the product quality. After removed several places. Finally in 2008, founded his own company and brand. Victory Battery Technology


VB Power products are NiMH battery series (SC, C, D, A, 2/3A, 4/5A) and Li-ion battery series (LiPO and LiFePO4 battery) with high power and can endure high and cryogenic temperature, which are widely used in broad range of industry, such as electric motors, cordless power tools, R/C cars and Hobbies, electric airsoft gun, AEG gun, vacuum cleaners, Telecom products, Military industry,solar lights, back-up power and medical machineries. 

My Blog

Cordless Drill Batteries

Every person who has a home workshop knows how important it is to have a good cordless drill, and good cordless drill batteries. For home remodeling, home building and additions, home repair, furniture building and repair, and other woodworking projects, a cordless drill is essential, and using the best batteries for your cordless drill can make a big difference in how well your projects go. Although most home workshop tool collections probably also include a corded drill, cordless drills are necessary for many jobs.

VB Power Tool Batteries

It is safer to use a cordless drill when working on a ladder or on a high place such as a roof, and also when you are working in tight spaces or at awkward angles. The only disadvantage of using a cordless drill, however, is that the battery or batteries may run out of juice while you are in the middle of a task,and that can sometimes make things very inconvenient for you. One way to ensure that this type of thing won't happen is to make sure your battery or batteries are fully charged before you use them, and to keep back-up cordless drill batteries nearby that you know are fully charged. Another way to help with the problem is to buy the best batteries possible for your cordless drill or drills; ones that you know will last the longest both when you are working on a task and before they need to be replaced.


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